A small hand held device with prominent button that instantly turns on a very bright high frequency strobe light that wide angle beam for use at 2 meters or less.  Only strobing light, simple and fast operation.



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Product Description


Strobe runs at 16 flashes per second at high light output effective to a distance of six feet (2 meters), depending upon ambient light. Brightness in excess of 1,000 lumens provided by 2 ½” long LED Chip on Board.

  • Directly related to distance of illuminated individual.
  • 3 Watts powering LED

-Rechargeable using USB with internal 2,200 mah lithium battery

-Single Button easily pushed with thumb or forefinger

-Size:  4” or slightly shorter with rounded body and 1.5” diameter with light running down one side

-Weight:  2 oz. approximate

-Side clip where a breakaway, neck,wrist or backpack attachment strap can be fixed.


Women’s Security:

To STOP sexual harassment in public areas including public transportation vehicles.

*Light is high enough to work at ambient indoor lighting.

To provide an advantage in escaping from a situation where there is a chance of sexual assault.

*Bright strobe will cause temporary disorientation and limited visual ability with no permanent damage.

Additional Information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4.5 x 1 x 1 in

Red, Blue, Green, Black