This is possible but unlikely, one in about 10,000 people are potentially at risk, and photosensitive epilepsy is much more common in children under 10. The length of time an individual is exposed to the strobe can easily be reduced by their simply looking away.

The injection moulded case does not use O ring seals so you cannot submerge the dazzeler in water.  BUT using in rain or damp conditions is not a problem.  If carrying on a boat as warning/safety device it would be a good idea to keep in a small freezer bag.

We have had reports that a barking dog will go quiet and turn away, but no testing or detailed examination of this has been done.  I do know that cats could care less, but not many attack cats out there.  Since the Strobe Light does not cause physical pain it is unlikely to make any animal more aggressive.

Flash blindness is a temporary condition and no long lasting effects have been reported.  About the same effect as a flash bulb and we know how many millions of people have had that in their eyes.

If it is carried and not used it would be a good idea to re-charge every two or three months.  Lithium Batteries really hold a charge well.

NO. If a persons eyes are restricted, adapted to sunlight, then the strobe light would have little effect.

The Dazzeler works not on pain but on the flash blindness caused by the very bright strobe.  Reports are that it is MORE effective on drunks and if any drugs caused dilation of the pupils then also a stronger effect.

Yes, although there is no way to remove the strobe effect, holding the dazzeler in front of your eyes and pointed away it will light up a broad area.  A bit distracting to see the strobe but it does not affect you vision unless you point at your eyes.  Useful when walking towards your car or down a path to light the way AND if someone looking a bit odd is out there, point the light at them and keep it on them as they get closer.

While it would not cause any long term visual effects it is certainly bright enough to disrupt their vision for a period of time and that could be hazardous – stairs etc.  SO KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.