Team Behind the Dazzeler Security Strobe:

Team Leader the Old Guy, Philip Cressman Capt(R)

Military service in R&D Labs and Surgeon General’s Office
Previous and current internet ventures include: www.ceramicknife.org, www.opennose.com,
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After realizing that there was little assistance for women being harassed in public areas we started investigating available devices and approaches. Self Defense training was looked at and it became apparent the the most value came from women becoming more aware of situations and locations that were potentially dangerous and should be avoided. However this left the question about how women could deal with situations that ranged from verbal and space limiting harassment up to actual assaults.

We found that little attention was directed to the potential for a high intensity strobe light to disrupt an instance of verbal harassment and could also prove useful in escaping from potential assault situations. We determined the intensity of light required to be effective even indoors or inside public transit. The frequency of strobe has been investigated in tactical use by police in Holland and Belgium which led us to design a circuit that could provide a strobe at fifteen flashes a second.

The smallest profile of a strobe was limited by the battery size and the need to dissipate heat from the LED used. But we did come up with a 4” long case that fully assembled with powerful battery weighed in at just over three ounces. A large button that simply turns on or off the strobe did not take long for us to agree on. Incorporating a break away strap that could also be used to secure the strobe to backpack, purses & bags was highly supported by the women interviewed at the beginning and later women able to handle our prototype.

Our deep appreciation to the many women who took the time to provide advice and support for this project.