.What is flash repellant?

Flash repellant is a temporarily blinding power strobe. The Dazzeler fires a blinding strobe that creates visual spotting. It is used to disorient/interrupt street harassment or assists in escaping from an assault.

The Dazzeler

Why strobe?

Over the past few years we have examined existing self defence products and reviewed all advantages and limitations. We knew that any bright light, but especially a strobe light would temporarily stun someone without actual pain of long term visual effects. It became obvious that the light needed to be bright enough to function close up at normal indoor light levels. We determined that a 3 watt high efficiency LED light source would provide the light level needed yet fit into the small format required.


Unlike pepper spray the Dazzeler doesn’t work on the idea of pain. The visual white out caused by the Dazzeler is pain free and not permanent yet highly effective in temporary blinding your opponent. Practicing with the Dazzeler is easy just point and shoot, practice with friends or family.

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The Dazzeler strobe is simple and effective, outputting over 1800 lux this little strobe packs a punch. Single trigger on/off makes using the Dazzeler easy in stressful situations. Click once for a high powered 15 cycle/second strobe of blinding light.


traveling alone


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Flash Repellant


THE BODY – Polymer (2oz.)
The Dazzeler has been designed with your lifestyle in mind. Built out of a high strength polymer contoured for a strong grip, The Dazzeler is small enough to fit anywhere and powerful enough to blind anyone.
Dimensions: 4″ tall | 1.5″ wide
Weight: 2oz

The Dazzeler is simple one function flash repellant.

THE BATTERY – 2200mah
The Dazzeler uses a high output USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A fully charged battery will last up to 4 months. No more AAA’s.

THE BEAM – 1800 lux | 120deg spread
The Dazzeler uses a high powered 3 watt COB flash LED.

BREAK AWAY LEASH – Safe and Secure


Fits in your palm

CAUTION!May cause temporary blindness.

The Dazzeler strobe is legal and effective, outputing over 1800lux this little strobe packs a punch. With a 15 cycle per second flash rate temporary blindness can be caused.

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